Słuchaj, ćwicz, praktykuj!
Since most of the listening exercises which you can find in Polish coursebooks are
Dopełniacz (genitive) in Polish!
Let’s admit from the very beginning: dopełniacz is probably one of the most difficult
Harry Potter’s devices
Today I would like to discuss with you a little unusual, but very interesting
wiedzieć or znać?
There are two Polish verbs “wiedzieć” and “znać” which are translated into English as
Imagine a situation when you walk in a flower shop and you want to
Verbs of movement
The variety of forms of Polish verbs of movement can seem endless and unnecessarily
Całuję rączki!
There is a common belief that kissing a woman’s hand is a very typical
Names of the months
One of the most difficult groups of Polish words is the names of the
I would like to dedicate this post to all my students who struggle with