About me

Hello! Welcome to my webside for studying Polish with a native-speaker! Languages have always been my passion. I grew up in a bilingual Polish-Russian family, and for thirty-one years of my life I’ve enjoyed five countries and eight cities. Polish and Russian are my mother tongues, except for them I know French and English on native level. Currently I’m studying German and intend to study Spanish.

I am a creative person, I like challenging tasks. I believe that teaching process should be, above all, pleasant and friendly and it depends a lot on relationship between a teacher and a student. All my students tell me that after my classes they feel a spiritual lift and a burst of energy. I am sure that you will feel it too!

2011 — I graduated from Silesian University in Katowice, Poland, department of Language studies

since 2012 I’ve been having private lessons on Skype for students from Poland, Russia, Ukraine end Great Britain

2016-2017 — a teacher of Polish language in a school of foreign languages “Master Class” in Moscow.

2018-2019 -— a teacher of Polish and English languages in a school of foreign languages Lingvo Expert and as a teacher of English language in IQ Consultancy school in Saint-Petersburg.

Since July 2019 I’ve been living in Poland, in Krakow and teaching foreign languages as a freelancer.

I strongly believe that learning a language doesn’t necessarily mean learning dull grammatical rules by heart. Knowing four languages on a native level and learning now the fifth one, I know perfectly well, how to do it effectively. I also believe that learning Polish with all its unexpected and sometimes strange exceptions can be a great adventure for both student and teacher.

From my personal experience I know also that the main purpose of a language is communication. That’s why I try to organize my classes in a way which will allow students to talk as much as possible, because a dialogue is the best opportunity to remember vocabulary and grammar constructions. It goes without saying that I explain grammar and do exercises, but I also use a lot of language games and role playing activities.

Besides, knowing your mother tongue, I know perfectly what confuses you in Polish and why it is difficult to understand for you, so I can explain effectively. to you all the rules, even the most difficult ones.

On the other hand, for those who prefer for different reasons to study written language rather than spoken one, I have good news: I have students like that as well, and I work with them very easily, because I can adapt myself to any expectations and demands. I prepare my classes proceeding not from a strict plan, but from my students’ requirements.

I have experience of preparing people to different kinds of state language exams.